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Three rinks are closing a month in the United States. Our goal is to use United Skates as a tool to keep them open! It’s not enough to simply screen the film. In order to empower our audiences and communities to save our rinks -  we need funding.



Our team is working hard behinds the scenes on an Impact and Engagement Campaign that will include:

  • A Roller Rink Screening Tour! The same way Salt n Pepa, Queen Latiffah and so many other Hip Hop and Rap legends got their starts by performing on roller rink tours, we want to do follow their lead! By converting rinks into pop up screening rooms, the filmmakers and cast are ready to hit the road for QAs across the country to spread awareness, activate local communities and bring bodies back into rinks at a local level. And after each film, the audiences can immediately get their roll on!

  • Getting Buddy's rink back! We are putting together a think tank of great minds from across platforms to create our country's first ever Non Profit Roller Rink! Buddy Love and his family are armed and ready to be the pilot program for a model that we hope can grow to include and save rinks all over this country. Will you help us raise the money it takes to do this right?

  • Grass Roots Activism! We are teaming up with local skate groups across the country to keep these rinks open in as many creative ways as possible. From in SF to Each One Teach One in Atlanta, our goal is to encourage local skaters to ban together, protect their rinks from closing, and build community. We are creating a Landmarking Committee who will work on ways to Landmark historic rinks to ensure they are never taken away. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to join the movement and if you can donate today!


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